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Last week, the developer of the Keystone XL pipeline announced it was permanently canceling the project, after the Biden administration pulled its permit as one of their first official acts. This pipeline would have safely delivered oil to meet significant demand from American Gulf Coast refineries. Keystone XL was simply an expansion to a system that has been operating since 2010 and has already safely transported over 2 billion barrels of oil.

Charleston, West Virginia – The Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia (GO-WV) – a nearly 600-member trade association of oil and natural gas producers and those businesses that serve them – expressed disappointment in the loss of the Keystone XL Pipeline at a time when the oil and natural gas industry has placed the United States in a position of energy independence. 

“Our industry now faces unrealistic federal government policy revisions, which discourage the use of clean-burning and cost-efficient natural gas,” GO-WV Executive Director Charlie Burd said. “Natural gas not only helps our environment as an energy source – it also benefits consumers with lower utility bills while affording the United States the position of power as the world’s largest energy producer and exporter.”

TSA Security Directive attached.  Effective today, 5/28/21, to 5/28/22.

“This Security Directive requires three critical actions. First, it requires TSA-specified Owner/Operators to report cybersecurity incidents to the Department of Homeland Security's

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) [within 12 hours]. Second, it requires Owner/Operators to designate a Cybersecurity Coordinator who is required to be available to TSA and CISA 24/7 to coordinate cybersecurity practices and address any incidents that arise. Third, it requires Owner/Operators to review their current activities against TSA's recommendations for pipeline cybersecurity to assess cyber risks, identify any gaps, develop remediation measures, and report the results to TSA and CISA.”

As President Joe Biden’s administration has outlined a new vision for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the natural gas industry will be an essential partner in providing solutions to achieve our shared climate goals. We have made, and will continue to make, progress reducing emissions to address climate change while also providing reliable, affordable natural gas to the 180 million people in the United States, and 5.5 million businesses that depend on it every day.

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