GO-WV wishes to inform all members that as a follow up to its May 2021 directive, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), on July 20, in response to the ongoing cybersecurity threat to pipeline systems, announced the issuance of a second Security directive that requires owners and operators of TSA-designated critical pipelines that transport hazardous  liquids and natural gas to implement a number of urgently needed protections against cyber intrusions.
As a reminder, the May 2021 Security Directive requires critical pipeline owners and operators to (1) report confirmed and potential cybersecurity incidents to CISA; (2) designate a Cybersecurity Coordinator to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; (3) review current practices; and (4) identify any gaps and related remediation measures to address cyber-related risks and report the results to TSA and CISA within 30 days.
The new TSA press release is linked here.

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