Rules for Vendors

General Notes:  The Spring Mountain Festival (SMF) is not an exclusive Festival with regards to Vendors.  There will be multiple vendors selling similar and like products.  The SMF Staff will endeavor to spread these similar vendors out within the vendor assignments.  Vendors are expected to cooperate with the SMF Staff/Coordinator and other Vendors for a smooth set up and breakdown.

Booth Space:

Non-Food Vendor Space is 10’ Road Frontage by 15’ Deep and multiple spaces are available.  Your sales area, tent, booth or trailer must fit inside the 10’ road frontage by 15’ depth.  If you have a trailer that serves out of the side, and you want to face the road, you must rent enough spaces to fully contain your trailer, sales area.  No exceptions will be made.

Food Vendor Space - Your sales area, tent, booth or trailer must fit inside the 10’ road frontage by 20+’ depth.  If you have a trailer that serves out of the side, and you want to face the road, you must rent enough spaces to fully contain your trailer or sales area.  No exceptions will be made.

          1.  Booths must be identified with a professional-looking sign displaying the vendor’s name and product(s)                   being sold.

          2.  The Festival Vendor Coordinator will make all the booth/space assignments in advance.  Assigned                           spaces will be clearly identified before the start of the festival.  No booths or displays will obstruct a fire                    hydrant or free space provided around such hydrants.

           3.  All vendors are responsible for keeping the area around their booths clean throughout the festival.  Any                    trash accumulated throughout the day should be disposed of by the vendor in any of the various trash                    cans available throughout the park.

          4.  Food vendors are required, by the Grant County Health department, to provide covered trashcans                              located at the front of their booths.  You are also responsible for keeping the can liners changed as                            needed.  Someone will be around to pick up full trash bags that have been removed from cans and tied                   up.  Do not let trash cans overflow at your food space.  Liners will be provided by the Grant County                           Chamber of Commerce.

           Vendors are responsible for:

               a.  Providing safe and secure booth structures and equipment, e.g., tables, chairs, displays, etc.
               b.  Adequate weather protection and overnight security for their products.
               c.  Loading and unloading products and equipment.
               d.  Complying with health department regulations.
               e.  Abiding by festival rules.
          5.  Use of open fires must be approved by the Vendor Coordinator and all ashes and debris from the fire                       must be removed from the park by the vendor.


          1.  Vehicles ARE ALLOWED in the festival area before the festival begins and after closing to facilitate                              loading and unloading. 

          2.  Vehicle traffic in the festival area during festival hours will be discouraged.  Exceptions will be made for                      entertainers, festival staff, and vendors with special circumstances (which must be pre-arranged with                        the Vendor Coordinator).  Vendors who need to drive into or around town during festival hours MUST                        ensure their vehicle is parked outside the boundaries of the park before the festival begins.

          3.  Overnight parking of vehicles or trailers within the boundaries of the park will be permitted ONLY with                      prior arrangements through the Vendor Coordinator.  Passes must be displayed in vehicle at all times                        during the festival.

      Setup Time:

          1.  Vendors set up and replenishment times are as follows:
               Thursday 12 -5 PM (highly recommend Thursday set up)
                (The Little Miss Spring Mountain Festival Pageant starts at 5:30pm and last year had nearly 100                                  contestants – over 400 people attended)
                Friday 9-11:30 AM (Grant Co Schools release at 12 Noon on this Friday)
                Saturday 8-9:30 AM
                Sunday 7:30 – 8:30 AM

           2.  Festival Open times are as follows:
               Thursday 5:30 – 9:30 PM (Pageant with nearly 100 plus contestants)
                Friday 12-10PM
                Saturday 10 am-9 PM
                Sunday Festival open 9-4PM and 10 AM Church

           3.  Food vendors with trailers MUST make arrangements with Festival Coordinator prior to setup. 

          4.  Non-food vendors arriving on Friday must be set up no later than 11:30 am and plan to keep their                               displays open until Sunset.

          5.  All vendors are expected to man their booths during Festival Open times until sunset or 4PM on Sunday.                 Special arrangements may be made in advance with the Vendor Coordinator.

          6.  Any vendor who closes early on a given day or shuts down completely during festival hours may not be                  invited back and will have to carry their products out of the festival grounds, as vehicles will not be                            permitted in the festival area for this purpose.

           7.  All booths/trailers must be closed down and removed from the Park by 7:00pm on Sunday night, unless                  advance permission is given by the Vendor Coordinator.


 Friend the Spring Mountain Facebook Page and check the website for schedule updates and information!!!!

Vendor Information