Involvement is the key to the successful schools of Grant County! 

‚ÄčParents here are truly concerned with education of their children and go to great lengths to ensure that the future leaders of our country are getting the best education possible. Mesh parental involvement with enthusiastic teachers, dedicated administrators and a great deal of corporate support, and the result is a school system that enables students to reach their highest potential. In the schools, there is a special focus on increasing the students' self-esteem.

An additional highlight of the educational arena here is the support given by the local business and industry. Each school is linked with a "business partner" which provides needed materials as well as human resources for special events and projects. Recognizing that each student has the ability to learn and to make a contribution, the school system has implemented numerous programs designed to give students every opportunity available. At-risk children are identified before entering school and are enrolled in the "Head Start" program, which gives extra preparation to the disadvantaged youngsters. The schools also boast an active drop out prevention program which targets older students. Additionally, almost every age group is exposed to formidable drug awareness program.

High schools in Grant County prepare students with a numbering of challenging courses and extracurricular activities. Students planning to go on to college can pursue courses that will prepare them for post-secondary studies, while those who plan to enter the job market right out of high school can take advantage of a wide range of vocational programs at the South Branch Vocational Center. The high schools offer honors and advanced placement courses for the academically gifted. Students can also benefit from peer counseling and peer tutoring. Athletics are another part of the high school experience in Grant County, allowing students the chance to excel in team competition. Eastern WV Community College has a branch located in Petersburg. The automotive technology program is the only college level curriculum of this type in West Virginia and features a state of the art facility to educate students.

The learning environment in Grant County is unique indeed. Students benefit from a small town atmosphere where they get to know the teachers on a more personal basis, often associating with them away from school. The results are a more positive classroom environment with minimal disciplinary problems. Explore our outstanding area - you're sure to find it filled with the opportunities of a lifetime!

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