The statistical data for Grant County has been obtained from the US Census Bureau. It presents a picture of a county that is thriving with a broad-based economy.

Grant County has a population of 12,047 (2008 estimate). Grant County has a home ownership rate of 80.9% and a median household income of $36,361 (2007 estimate). The county has a land area of 466 sq. miles and a population density of 25.8 persons per sq. mile. The average annual precipitation is 36.4 inches with snowfall averaging 16 inches in Petersburg and 45 inches at Mt. Storm. The average high temperature in January is 42 degrees and July is 81 degrees. The average low temperature in January is 24 degrees and July is 62 degrees. Poultry and cattle farming, timbering and mining are the major economic activities within the county, along with the associated value-added processing of those resources.

Brief Facts:

2008 cost of living index in Grant County: 81.4 (lower than average; U.S. average is 100)

Type of workers:
Private wage or salary: 73% 
Government: 15% 
Self-employed, not incorporated: 10% 
Unpaid family work: 1%

Median resident age: 39.3 years
WV median age: 38.9 years

Males: 5,585 (49.4%)
Females: 5,714 (50.6%)

Ethnicity in Grant County:
White Non-Hispanic (97.9%) 
Black (0.7%) 
Hispanic (0.5%)

Community Information