With a religious history dating back to the eighteenth century, Grant County has always been an area where religious freedom is respected and churches are revered. This reverence is evidenced by traditional values and a high regard for "hearth and home." With its small town qualities, Grant County enjoys a less complicated way of life that other areas can only dream of offering. Today churches serve the religious needs of Grant County residents. While the churches provide spiritual guidance for the entire congregation, many have special interest programs for groups within the church.

Churches also unite their congregations through numerous fellowship activities, such as ice cream socials, festive dinners and youth programs. Part of the local churches outreach into the community is through the Christian Food Pantry. A number of churches participate in this cooperative venture, distributing food to families in need. The food is either purchased by the churches or is obtained through collection drives held throughout the year.

Other outreach programs are implemented by the Grant County Ministerial Association, a coalition of representatives from area churches. The Association benefits the entire community through a variety of services, including a transient ministry. Assisting local residents with utility bills is one of the services provided by the Ministerial Association. It also encourages community worship activities, such as "Lenten Lunches" and the week of prayer for Christian Unity, providing speakers for these events.

Come and worship in our churches and enjoy the fellowship evident among our residents - you'll experience a long standing tradition of religious freedom and service to our neighbors and those in need.