What creates the ideal environment for business relocation or expansion? Would you require a skilled labor force... plenty of land for building... or cooperative industrial development groups and local government? Come to Grant County and discover all these qualities and many more. You'll find that our area is a wise, natural choice for a growing business.

The community's economic base is diversified, not depending on a single industry for the area's financial well-being. Historically, agricultural pursuits have been the mainstay for the economy here, but they currently augment the more lucrative industries of coal mining, electric power generation and timbering.

The rich soil and topography is conductive to farming and yields top quality beef cattle and grain. The area has been blessed with rich mineral deposits, and the extraction of these makes a positive impact on the area's economy. Investments in power generation and transmission facilities serve to maintain low property tax rates within the county. Dominion Power, located on Mt. Storm Lake, is Virginia Power's largest coal-fired power station. The station's three generating units are capable of generation more than 1.6 million kilowatts of electricity (as much in one hour as 160 average homes consume in a year).

Mt. Storm Lake (1,200 acres) serves the station's needs and is also used as a public recreation area. Grant County boasts the largest windmill facility on the East Coast. The hardwood forests of Grant County provide the timbering industry with vast resources.

Furniture grade hardwood is harvested here, and is further processed by local industries into component parts and unique handcrafted items. A significant amount of hardwood lumber is also exported to foreign markets.

Rendering the area even more attractive for business is the ample supply of skilled laborers. A traditional work ethic is instilled in folks here and encourages stability and loyalty. Additionally, the local vocational center works with industry on customized training programs.

It is apparent that Grant County is the place for growing businesses and industries. Check out the attributes that are unique to our area. We are certain that you will be convinced that Grant County holds the trump card for your future prosperity!

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